ok so heres whats going on

im taking commissions cause i need to help my parents out with the whole moving thing. its an unexpected move so we need all the money we can get haha orz

im taking commissions for these types of art

  • PIXEL - humanoid only. thats basically the only rule with them haha. $5 dollars for one, $2 each for more!
  • NORMAL DRAWINGS (A) -These are lineless, but the shading is basic/solids/minimal brush usage. Keep in mind my only strong point is uguu kawaii anime girls. I struggle hard with everything else lol. $10 for one character, $5 for each addtional character (forgot to put that in the image oh well)
  • NORMAL DRAWINGS (B) - These are the hardest/most time consuming to do for me so I’m gonna  probably not take many and the ones I do take are likely not gonna be straying too far away from my comfort zone if at all haha…. $15 dollars each.

- These will all be transparent bg by default but I can also do a simple single color / simple gradient background instead of just transparent , no charges with that!


- Again, keep in mind that the only strong point i have is drawing stiff expressionless anime girls. Manly men, mechas, animals, I struggle really hard with drawing them right now so keep the expectations low with those if thats what you decide to ask for from me! 

- If i figure out how to do it again i can probably do simple eyeblinky animations with a small fee attached. Maybe like a dollar or two? Say something to me if youre interested in that haha

- I have all the rights to refuse any commission for any reason

- Contact through skype (mine is neckmaggot), notes on my dA,  or if youre feeling extra risky, through my ask box. Not recommended for the last option though.

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